The AAE Aerospace Team develops and produces high temperature structural composites products for the most critical and advanced missile and space systems in the world. Our industry experience spans over five decades and has earned us a reputation for excellence and the coveted position as sole-source supplier through high barrier-to-entry qualification for the majority of our programs. As a division of Karman Space & Defense, we are able to leverage the extended capabilities of our collective divisions and bring our customers a complete solution.

Product Lines & Capabilities

High Temperature Rocket Motor Products

  • Composite Rocket Motor Cases
  • Metallic Rocket Motor Case Insulation
  • Fixed & Vectoring Nozzle Assemblies
  • Divert Attitude Control System (DACS) Insulation & Assemblies
  • Liquid Engine Ablative Chambers and Skirts

High Temperature Structures & Thermal Protection Systems (TPS)

  • Thermal Protection Shields
  • Laminate & Composite Honeycomb Core Structures
  • Control Surfaces
  • Warhead Cases
  • Unique Hybrids of Ablative & Structural Composites

Vertically Integrated Production

  • Concept Design and Collaborative Engineering
  • High Temperature Materials: i.e., Carbon, C/C, Silica, Quartz, BMI, EDPM + more
  • Tape Wrapping, Compression Molding, Hydraulic Press, Hand Lay-Up, Machining
  • Complex Composite Metal Assemblies
  • Specialized Composite Material Processing
  • High Pressure/High Temp Autoclave and Hydroclaves
  • NDT (X-Ray & Ultrasonic)


AAE Aerospace was established in 1967, and is an industry leader in high-temperature insulation and composite structure technologies. Our hardware plays an important role in the success of precision weapons and space systems where mission assurance is paramount and failure is not an option. With over five decades in the space and defense industries, AAE is a critical and strategic supplier to many of America’s most prominent and sophisticated commercial aerospace and defense programs. We are proud to be a vital link and supporter of the United States’ national security and its foreign allies. AAE is headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA and proudly contributes to the 800+ skilled Karman team members.

The AAE Division provides qualified products for NASA, DoD, MDA Prime Contractors and Commercial Launch providers. Programs examples include the following:


  • Orion
  • SpaceShipTWO
  • VO Launcher One


  • LRPF
  • Other Hypersonics