AMRO is a leading manufacturer of precision machined and formed isogrid and orthogrid skin panels, with expertise in flight structures and assemblies for mission-critical systems in space and defense. We specialize in High-Speed Machining, Brake Forming, Certified Welding, Assembly, Laser Tracking and Heat-Aging. AMRO brings over 45+ years of flight-critical hardware experience to Karman Space & Defense, and in collaboration with sister divisions, AAE Aerospace, AEC, and Systima, help deliver concept-to-production solutions for our partner’s most complex projects.

Product Lines & Capabilities


  • Aerostructure
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic & Electrical

Specialized Metal Formed Parts
& Primary Structures

  • Ortho/Iso-Grid Panels, up to 32′ L
  • Complex Lightweight Metallic Structures
  • Spin-Forming 84″ plus dia. x 70″ L

Precision Machined Parts
& Primary Structures

  • High Velocity 5- Axis (X-323″ Y-197″ x Z-59″ 30,000 RPM)
  • VTL (Swing 220″ x Z-106)

Ground Support Structures

  • Multi-Level Work Platforms
  • FAA Part 25 Certified GSE
  • Large Spacecraft Shipping Containers
  • Vertical Launch Structures (Missiles)
  • Tool Design: CATIA V, NX, NASTRAN
  • DFM-Collaborative efforts with Primes
  • Welding:  GTAW, GMAW, FCAW. AWS D1.1, D17.1 D17.2
  • Tooling Fab: Unlimited
  • Proof Load Testing

Vertically Integrated Production

  • DFM-Collaborative efforts with Primes
  • Development Articles
  • Test: Etch Pen, Fracture Toughness, Eddy Current
  • First Article
  • Pathfinder
  • Production
  • Heat Age:  32′ deep x 14′ wide, NADCAP accredited
  • Inspection: Leica Laser Trackers, Romer Arms and Mechanical Inspection


AMRO was established in 1977, and has built a distinguished and successful track record within the Aerospace and Defense industries. We are a key contributor to our country’s most critical Space and Missile Defense programs. Our signature hardware can be found on almost every domestic launch vehicle, spacecraft and missile system. AMRO operates out of two facilities in Southern California that spans over 250k sq. ft., and employs over 225 people.

The AMRO Division provides qualified products for NASA, DoD, MDA Prime Contractors and Commercial Launch providers. Programs examples include the following:


  • RS-25
  • SLS & Starliner
  • New Glenn & New Shephard
  • ORION & Starlab
  • Mars Lander
  • James Webb
  • Atlas V & Vulcan


  • Target
  • Various Critical Missiles