Taylor Banks

Chief Financial Officer / Karman Space & Defense

Taylor Banks is the Chief Financial Officer for Karman Space & Defense. Mr. Banks holds 10+ years of extensive experience in accounting and finance. He is responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial activities including, directing the preparation of current financial reports and creating forecasts for future growth.

Mr. Banks previously served as Chief Financial Officer for Systima, a division of Karman Space & Defense, from 2018 to 2021. He also had a leading role as a Controller and Contracts Manager from 2015 to 2018. Mr. Banks also has experience at Blue Origin and served as an Advisor for Relativity Space and Hermeus.

Mr. Banks obtained his Master’s in Business Administration from Foster School of Business, University of Washington in 2018. In addition, he also obtained his Entrepreneurship Certificate from Arthur W. Buerk Center in 2018. In 2012, he received his Bachelor’s in Accounting from Foster School of Business, University of Washington.