Integrated Defense Systems

Protecting our homeland and men and women out on the battlefield is a fundamental commitment to our Nation. Karman Space & Defense provides mission-critical combat hardware for manned and unmanned precision weapon systems, including Air, Ground and Maritime (surface and subsurface). From aircraft payload integration and deployment to metallic structures of autonomous underwater vehicles, we offer reliable and proven solutions for the most complex and challenging environments.


  • Common Launch Tube​
  • Instrumentation Packages​
  • Aircraft Payload Integration and Deployment​
  • UAV Payloads​
  • Pylons and PODs​


  • Ground & Combat Vehicle Launch Systems​
  • Lightweight Structures​
  • Electromechanical Systems​
  • Railgun Energetics​
  • Safe & Arm​


  • Composite Structures​
  • Metallic Structures / Bulkheads & Hulls​
  • Vehicle Mass Simulants (IMV)​
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)​
  • Torpedo Recovery Systems​
  • Inflatable Systems​
  • Launch Systems​