Tailored to Your Mission From Tip-to-Tail

Modern defense missions demand more than piecemeal parts or patchwork products. They require hardware that seamlessly integrates disparate technologies into a unified system. Our team designs customized solutions that support hypersonic missile systems from tip-to-tail. Whether it’s making shroud systems or rocket motor nozzles, we have the manufacturing ability to produce complex systems and assemblies.

We have decades of experience serving hypersonic missions enable us to tailor technologies to meet even the tightest requirements. With the ability to design, analyze, test, and manufacture hardware all in-house, we arrive at solutions sooner, resulting in lower lead times, project costs, and superior performance than multi-vendor solutions.

Dependable Delivery

Flight-Proven Performance

Creating technology that can survive and thrive in hypersonic environments is no easy task. But working with the Karman team, Defense missions gain the assurance of field-tested designs backed by more than 20 years of flight-proven performance. Our hypersonic & SMD solutions are rigorously evaluated with in-depth design analysis tools and all-encompassing testing processes, ensuring certainty in execution.

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Distinguished Design

The Cutting Edge of Capability

We relentlessly pursue opportunities for performance improvement, with designs that incorporate advanced material technologies, proven energetics, and complex manufacturing processes into our solutions. Our ability to work with powerful high-temperature materials and utilize MG Resin in manufacturing results in more reliable and highly survivable solutions.

Hypersonics and SMD Solutions

Payload Protection & Deployment

Our payload systems are at the tip of Karman’s hypersonic solution set. We create jettison-ready aerodynamically sound encapsulation solutions and low-shock deployment solutions that effectively protect sensitive payloads. Parts and technologies encompassed by this solution include:

  • Shroud Systems
  • Payload Integration Systems
  • Payload Integrated Munition Dispense Devices
  • A Suite of Robust Thermal Protection Material Approaches
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Propulsion Systems

Enabling precision in performance, our propulsion and launch solutions are designed to deliver on incredibly tight tolerance requirements. Whether launching from the air, ground, or sea, our hardware enables missile systems to execute exceptionally wherever the mission demands. Parts and technologies encompassed by this solution include:

  • Solid Rocket Motors
  • Launch Canisters
  • Launch Tubes & PODs
  • Energetic deployment systems
  • Electromechanical Dispense
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Aerodynamic Interstage Systems

Our aerodynamic and interstage solutions fortify in-flight performance for rocket and missile systems. Using advanced material technologies and proven engineering processes, we develop hardware that substantially improves the aerodynamic profile of mission vehicles. Parts and technologies encompassed by this solution include:

  • Deployable Covers
  • Interstage Assemblies
  • Stage Separation Systems
  • Control Surfaces
  • Raceway Shrouds
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Ready to see your Defense mission’s future take flight? Reach out to our team and get in touch with a Karman expert who will tell you more about our systems and solutions.