Assuring Mission Success Above

For missions that operate above, performance must be above all else. At Karman, we design and deliver high-performance aerodynamic assemblies that execute without exception to enable every mission. Karman’s turn-key Interstage systems are designed to meet your mission and flight requirements, from electrical signal to safe separation.

Through a collaborative design process, we critically evaluate your requirements and leverage combined metallic and composite capabilities. With the ability to serve any material solution need, Karman is unmatched in delivering the best solution possible for your mission.

Aerodynamic Interstage

Ensuring Reliable Deployment and Safe Operation

Operating from fire command to the final flight phase, Karman’s whole-system solutions provide the reliability required to execute some of the most complex tasks in Space and Defense. With comprehensive design capabilities, we enable mission-critical functions from electrical signaling to safe separation.

Through rigorous environmental and flight testing, our technology is designed to operate with a razor-thin margin of error and can execute exceptionally in even the most challenging circumstances. With wide-ranging in-house manufacturing capabilities and a wider bench of field-proven designs, we also drive key project improvements like reducing system size, weight, and overall performance risk.

Multiple Interrupters-bl
Karman Capabilities

Initiation Systems

Empower unfaltering system protection and operation with electronic and electromechanical safe & arm solutions, firesets, and interrupter devices. Our ensured system performance is backed by extensive experience qualifying safe & arm and initiation systems for all DoD services and a range of safety systems for hypersonics, missiles, and launch vehicles. Leveraging deep domain knowledge of Defense and Space specification requirements, we tailor targeted design approaches to meet mission standards and make mission success certain.

We rigorously evaluate and optimize initiation systems, ensuring they are qualified to comply with key Specification Design Standards, including JOTP-52, Mil-Std-1901A, RCC-319, Mil-Std-331, Mil-Std-464, Mil-DTL-23659, and AIAA-S-113.

Production Capability

Advance Above with Advanced Materials

As the demand for lighter, stronger, and more dependable systems increases, so do the demands placed on manufacturers. At Karman, we keep pace with the rapidly evolving nature of Space and Defense mission requirements, leveraging advanced material technologies and manufacturing processes to keep our customers at the cutting edge of capability. From lightweight composite solutions that increase rocket range to metallic solutions that are spun-form, we relentlessly pursue every opportunity for performance improvement. Our material expertise is leveraged in the engineering and design of our systems to meet your mission needs.

Our Markets

Merging unmatched engineering expertise with comprehensive production capabilities, Karman designs, develops, and delivers highly dependable missile systems.

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Karman supports critical Defense missions with Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), Hypersonics, and Missile Defense solutions that leverage the latest technologies and composite materials to drive dominance for the warfighter in every domain.

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Our aerodynamic and interstage solutions enable America’s most ambitious Space missions to operate above with assurance.

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