Mission-Focused from Tip-to-Tail

Just as no two missions are the same, neither are the systems that serve them. To truly meet the complex needs of modern missions, warfighters require solutions tailored to their specific circumstances. Our team creates customized missile systems from tip-to-tail, producing the most challenging systems, whether we launch the payload or help the payload go farther.

With comprehensive analysis capabilities, we handle every step in the engineering process, resulting in fully-realized designs for payload integration and deployment technology tailored to meet mission need. As a complete partner, we eliminate the complexities of multi-vendor supply chains, resulting in reduced lead times and lowered costs at scale.

Made for the Mission

Driving Dominance for Defense

The threats facing national security never stop evolving, and neither do we. Our engineers understand the shifting circumstances of the Defense space, tailoring technology to best meet mission need no matter how it changes. Our in-depth understanding of mission requirements enables us to develop designs that meet performance benchmarks, cut project costs, and reach the reliability your mission demands. Backed by decades of experience delivering high-quality mission-critical systems with flight-proven and fielded performance, we possess the practical expertise to solve the most complex challenges warfighters face.

helicopter flare

Transform Concepts Into Capabilities

When mission challenges are impossibly complex, their solutions aren’t always clear. Our deep domain expertise allows us to take high-level client concepts and translate them into production-ready hardware. We employ a wide bench of technologies and manufacturing capabilities to engineer energetic and electromechanical systems designed to complete the actions required by your mission.


Create Certainty in Payload Delivery

When the mission leaves no room for error, there’s no room for uncertainty either. At Karman, we enable unparalleled performance certainty with a toolbox full of flight-proven and fielded systems. Built on extensive experience integrating payloads into small and large military platforms, our approach to crafting IDS solutions substantially reduces risk while accelerating product development.

Elevate Dominance Across Domains

Across land, air, and sea, our team has extensive expertise in engineering weapon systems for wherever the warfighter must go.

Ensure effective payload delivery from aircraft and unmanned vehicles to meet airborne mission requirements reliably. Our engineering capabilities within this domain include:

  • Common Launch Tubes
  • Payload Integration and Deployment
  • UAV Subsystems
  • Pylons and PODs
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Initiation and Safe&Arm

Propel ground and vehicle-launched payloads with precision, leveraging leading edge missile and launch systems. Our engineering capabilities within this domain include:

  • Ground & Combat Vehicle Launch Systems
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Energetics & Initiation
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Missile Subsystems, Interstages and Shroud Systems
  • UAS Subsystems and Launchers

Meet naval mission needs reaching from the air above to below the sea’s surface with relentlessly reliable missile and torpedo systems. Our engineering capabilities within this domain include:

  • Canisters and Launchers
  • AUV/UUV Subsystems
  • Torpedo Recovery Systems
  • Initiation and Safe&Arm
  • Missile Subsystems & Shroud Systems
  • Propulsion Systems

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