Design, Analysis, Testing, and Production, All Under One Roof

For missions where failure is never an option, neither is uncertainty. Whether it’s inconsistent performance or unclear production schedules, uncertainty is the enemy of mission success. Yet, Defense and Space missions are often forced to separate the responsibilities of concept development from integration and producibility. A decision that can lead to unexpected costs, delayed timelines, and inconsistencies in product performance.

At Karman, we merge market-leading design and manufacturing services with a comprehensive suite of in-house testing capabilities. Our suite of analytical tools enables us to rapidly iterate, driving faster development timelines for missions where production speed can often separate mission success from mission failure. Constantly evaluating design performance against mission requirements, we achieve ongoing optimization of mission hardware from initial concept-to-production at scale.

The Karman System Design Process

Design & Analysis

Our expert engineers go to work producing designs, developing proofs of concept, and validating them against outlined mission requirements. Through rapid cycles of grounded analysis and testing, we hone hardware to eliminate errors, reduce risk, and reach a tangible solution sooner. Capabilities that support this stage include:

  • Mature Analytical Models
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis, Combustion, and Ballistic Models for Energetics
  • Proprietary Flow Dynamic Models
  • Aerothermal and Ablation Analysis
  • Ballistic/Kinematic Analysis for Deployment
  • Multi-physics Models for System Analysis

System Design Selection

Through collaborative engagement with the client, our team facilitates the development of an initial solution concept. Weighing mission requirements against proven best practices, we outline different potential approaches to client stakeholders. After presenting prospective ideas, we provide curated guidance to help your team arrive at the best way forward.

  • Requirements Review
  • Concept Development
  • Concept Evaluation Criteria
  • Concept Weighting & Selection

Karman’s criteria for selection is based on the customers top priorities including but not limited to performance, risk, schedule, manufacturability and cost.

System Qualification & Testing

During all stages of solution crafting, we evaluate produced systems and assemblies with an extensive suite of analytical tools and testing processes. We start reducing risk early with initial validation testing and test strategically throughout the program to support a successful qualification. With a refined focus on qualifying design and full-rate production ability, we ensure every Karman solution offers unwavering dependability and scalability. Our test capabilities include:

  • Risk Reduction Test Programs
  • Development & Demonstration Test Programs
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Environment Testing
  • Lot Acceptance
  • Qualification Test Programs
Our Work

System Architecture Development

Constructing systems that comprehensively meet impossibly complex mission needs is no easy task. We foster client relationships where communication and collaboration drive clarity in development. Through review, design, and analysis services, we always arrive at solutions that serve the full scope of requirements.

  • Requirements Review — We collaborate with client teams to identify every essential requirement and consider how that will influence design.
  • Design — Karman engineers consider the scope of need as identified and tailor design concepts to suit it.
  • Analysis — Using grounded analytical models and extensive testing capabilities, we rapidly evaluate and iterate designs to best serve the task at hand.
Client Support

AS9100 Quality Assurance (QA) Team

Involved across the entire production process from ideation to ultimate delivery, our quality assurance teams play a key role in creating relentlessly reliable solutions. Our QA team members possess an in-depth understanding of government, client environment, and specific system requirements. By lending their expertise and continually auditing work at every level, they ensure we create solutions that always meet the stringent standards of our customers and the missions they serve.

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