Transforming Bold Ideas Into Tangible Solutions

In ever-evolving mission environments, Defense and Space industry challenges often outgrow the solutions available to solve them. To effectively meet ever-changing mission needs, organizations require forward-looking ideas and the ability to translate them into tangible technologies.

At Karman, we offer everything Defense and Space agencies need to solve their most complex challenges, all in one partner. Our vertically integrated production capabilities mean we can develop solutions, fabricate high-quality parts and structures, assemble them using advanced processes, and validate system or assembly performance before deployment.


Design & Analysis

Our expert engineers go to work producing designs, developing proofs of concept, and validating them against outlined mission requirements. Through rapid cycles of grounded analysis and testing, we hone hardware to eliminate errors, reduce risk, and reach a tangible solution sooner. Capabilities that support this stage include:

  • Mature Analytical Models
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis, Combustion, and Ballistic Models for Energetics
  • Proprietary Flow Dynamic Models
  • Aerothermal and Ablation Analysis
  • Ballistic/Kinematic Analysis for Deployment
  • Multi-Physics Models for System Analysis

System Qualification & Testing

The final stage of our concept-to-production process is comprehensive performance validation of all systems and assemblies created. Through all-encompassing testing of assembled hardware, we ensure every solution we deliver is relentlessly reliable. Full system qualification includes:

  • Material Testing
  • Structural Testing
  • Dynamic Deployment Testing
  • Energetic Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Environment Testing
  • System Performance Testing
Working With Karman

Emphasizing Client Engagement

Creating technology to serve the mission starts with people who know the mission. We prioritize customer engagement through every step of the concept-to-production process. We work hand-in-hand with client teams to develop an in-depth understanding of their mission requirements and the environment they operate in. The result is technology that empowers mission success more effectively, reliably, and scalably.

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