Flight-Proven Systems & New Technologies Fuel New Era of Space Exploration

[Huntington Beach, CA, March 6, 2024] Karman Space & Defense (“Karman”), a leading integrated systems provider for next-generation space, missile, hypersonic and defense programs, is proud to announce its role as a key supplier for the successful inaugural launch of United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan launch vehicle on the first certification mission.

The first certification mission (Cert-1) launched on Jan. 8, 2024, marking a historic milestone with the first launch of ULA’s Vulcan rocket. The mission carried two payloads, the first included the Peregrine Lunar Lander, named Peregrine Mission One (PM1) for Astrobotic as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative to deliver science and technology to the lunar service. The second payload was the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight’s deep space Voyager mission, known as the Enterprise Flight. Karman is proud to play a role in the launch of the first NASA CLPS mission and looks forward to delivering the lander structure and executing the Assembly, Integration, & Test (AI&T) effort as part of Team Draper on the CLPS CP-12 mission.

The successful launch of the Vulcan rocket signifies a remarkable achievement in the decade-long collaboration between Karman and ULA, demonstrating the power of teamwork and innovation in advancing space exploration. Karman’s contributions to this milestone highlight the incorporation of both flight-proven and newly developed hardware, showcasing the company’s engineering, and production capabilities.  Karman provides critical hardware from tip-to-tail on the Graphite Epoxy Motors (GEM 63XL) solid rocket boosters used on the side of the Vulcan rocket to provide extra thrust, as well as various dynamic & energetic systems throughout the Vulcan vehicle. The Graphite Epoxy Motors (GEM 63XL) rocket boosters helped power the inaugural flight of the Vulcan rocket with over 900,000 pounds of thrust at lift-off.

Karman’s heritage dynamic and energetic systems include multiple pyrovalves within the Reaction Control System and fueling lines, as well as ordnance safe/arm devices mounted on Karman precision machined equipment shelves throughout the vehicle. In addition, this launch marked the introduction of recently qualified and advanced Karman technologies.

“We are extremely proud and honored to be a part of the successful ULA Cert-1 Mission. The flawless launch of the Vulcan rocket underscores Karman’s commitment to deliver mission-critical systems within demanding schedules. As a trusted partner, we seek additional opportunities to leverage our expertise and further contribute to the expansion of our knowledge beyond Earth’s boundaries,” said Tony Koblinski, CEO, Karman Space & Defense.

For more detailed information about the ULA Cert-1 Mission, please visit ULA’s official mission page: ULA Cert-1 Mission

About Karman Space & Defense

Karman Space & Defense is a concept-to-production solutions provider for the space and defense industry’s most complex and mission-critical systems, including crewed-space flight and hypersonic missions. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, with facilities in Washington, Alabama, and Washington DC, Karman brings together industry-leading capabilities, advanced technologies and proven multi decade experience. For more information, visit our website Karman-SD.com.

Brenda Ramirez
Marketing Manager